Christina Nielsen: Life on track and outside.

Globally know for her high racing skills, Christina Nielsen has earned a name in the Motorsport world. What started in 2007 with go karts, has now transformed into formula cars and then into driving Porsche in 2011.

Recently we interviewed Christina Nielsen and she talked to us about the start of her career, her dreams, expectations, being a woman in a man's world and her life outside of the racing track.  
“I am from Denmark and I have lived here my entire life even when with my start in karts I ran all over Europe. When I got to Porsche, I focused on Germany, the heart of motorsport. I ran in at the German Porsche Carrera Cup and then in the ADAC GT Masters; both are very hard and important categories.”

But Nielsen's career was not narrowed to Europe only, she wet to Northamerica as well. She has taken part in the  IMSA Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge by Yokohama, the TUDOR championship  and now on to the next challenge for next season with  TRG and Aston Martin. 

“The dream of being a professional driver has always been there. When i was little it was a bit more fun because now it is my way of life. This year was when I really discovered I wanted to do this for the rest of my life."

For Christina the dream has come true, but the world hasn't always been perfect. "On paddock, you get to experiment mixed feelings. There's always some kind of pressure beacuse you as pilot, have to know how to handle things that not only driving the car.  It is important not to get distracted with elements that may disturb you, like when something occurs to the car. We work hard but also laugh and make jokes, but the most important thing is that we support each other."  

Christina and her team have a close relationship in which the jokes and fun moments are quite often among them.

“One day James Davidson, David Block and I at practice and David started making a noise as if he was driving, it was a lot of fun, small moments but we laugh a lot. " 

In Motorsport world there used to be a barrier towards the presence of women. Nowadays  this line has blurred and women like Christina Nielsen have managed to make it in this world and have seized every advantage/opportunity that being a woman in this world can offer.   

“I think that sometimes I do receive a different treatment, sometimes it is a good thing and sometimes not. When it comes to on track driving, I wish to be treated equally. I think we've done a great job so far and I think I've achieved that, but when one of my team members  offers to help carrying my stuff, I won't say no. As woman, you take longer to prove that you've got what it takes to being in this man's world, but I've been here for a while and I do start to feel the recognition. There will always be someone who won't like you, but what matters in how people that may influence your career act towards you, that they show respect and of course, showing respect back."  

“It was amazing being up front, fighting and reaching the podium for the first time in a new championship in a new track." 

About her expectations at the beginning of the season, Christina commented that it was not easy, the drivers on top had been for at least one year in the championship, but she was proud of reaching the expected speed. 

“I ended up in sixth place, I was hoping to being top 5 in the championship, but in general I am happy. I could have expected better results at TUDOR, but things won't always come the way we expect them. Luckily we did show we have the speed, and that is very important" 

She talked about the different tracks and the best results she got this season and added "I think my favorite racetrack is Road Atlanta, I love Motorsport in Canada too, but Atlanta was the first one I ran in America. I was scared specially the first time I ran it, but after It just felt incredible. My best result was mid season IMSA Porsche GT3 at Lime Rock, I had my first podium. I think we had the speed to win even when I finished second. It was amazing being up front, fighting and reaching the podium for the first time in at new championship at a new track. "

Christina is 22 and has already raced nearly 40 tracks worldwide, the track design and weather conditions are not always the ideal or expected ones, but they bring diverse learning opportunities.

“There  are tracks that can have similar corner but no track is the same. I love going to a new and appreciate that I 22 I've been to many. Also the environment around affects a lot. At Zandvoort in Holland, which is close to the beach, the track changes all the time in grip level due to the amount of sand that is blown over it. IN COTA texas, it gets very humid and warm, so when track heats up so much it makes the car loose grip. That's what makes racing difficult. Your need to constantly adjust to changes without knowing exactly how it will be, and you have to do it with very little time. 

Life for Christina goes on as well outside of the racing track, training sessions with a private coach (Spinning and box) and also vacation and resting periods.  

“When I am on vacation, It happens that I constantly thinking that I should get back to the car as soon as possible, but I like to enjoy of my free time too. I think it is very important to get out of the racing environment for a while and recharge batteries with friends and family." 

About her future plans, Nielsen seems open about the possibilities that may come up, however she didn't hide her interest to continue in TUDOR.

“I have no idea of what may happen, I am always exploring and traveling. I try to go ehere opportunities take me. Formula 1 is always interesting and I think, as a pilot it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity, but at this point I am very happy where I am. If a year ago you would've asked me which was my favorite category, I would've said Carrera , but now it is TUDOR definitely. I think it is the right step for me wing a pro and it is great place for sponsors too"

2014 without a doubt was a great year for Christina, but now with all the gained experience, undoubtedly she will show what she's capable of in 2015.