FIA Rally Star - the Stage is Set for ASN Selection Events

Designed to be implemented in as many countries as possible, FIA Rally Star is the most ambitious driver detection programme ever launched by the FIA. Time has come for ASNs to prepare their selection events, which will begin in January 2021. Find out more and read the most frequently asked questions.

What selection events can be organised by ASNs?

In order to suit all racing backgrounds and all levels of resources, two methods are available for mass selections: Slalom Challenge and Digital Challenge. The Slalom – also known as Motorkhana – relies on the main characteristics of a grassroots discipline, highly appreciated in many countries for its accessibility, and highlighted with the famous Rallye Jeunes FFSA operation. On the Digital side, youngsters aged 17 to 26 will have to prove themselves at the wheel of a driving simulator equipped with the official WRC 9 software. Each ASN can choose either or both methods.

In concrete terms, what do we need to organise a Slalom Challenge?

To begin, you need to identify a surface area of 3,000 to 4,000 sqm, on which it will be possible to lay out one of the circuits proposed in the FIA Rally Star Guidelines. At least two production cars, strictly identical, are also necessary, as well as small equipment (cones, helmets, tents for reception and timing...). On D-Day, around twenty volunteers make up the management team responsible for welcoming and guiding the candidates in the safest possible conditions. Of course, the organisation will need to put in place appropriate health measures in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is possible to test 200 to 300 people per day and per track.

Is it easier to organise a Digital Challenge?

Indeed, this type of event requires even more limited resources, as simulators need to be installed in existing facilities such as shopping centres, university campuses, car or video game exhibitions, etc. A team of six people is sufficient to operate six simulators and test 200 to 250 candidates per day.

If we don't organise selections, can the young people of our country still try their luck?

Yes, once again, thanks to Digital Motorsport. Every candidate equipped at home with a simulator will be able to try to qualify with the #RallyAtHome Challenges, organised twice a month from January 2021. The only pre-requisite for the candidates is to have the WRC 9 software and the FIA Rally Star DLC (downloadable content), which will unlock an exclusive car and stage. The fastest candidates will win their place in the Continental Finals...

How many candidates will we be able to present at the Continental Finals?

Each ASN will be able to present fifteen candidates: eight from Digital, six from Slalom and one Wild-Card which can be a driver from other national detection programmes. It should be noted that a minimum female participation will be required for ASNs presenting at least five Candidates. At the end of the last Continental Final, the six best girls will compete to win one of the seven seats for the training season.

Where and when will the Continental Finals happen?

We obviously want these events to run as smoothly and safely as possible, and we want all eligible Candidates to be able to come and defend their chances despite the context of the pandemic. The objective is to start in April with the European Final, and then continue with the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. ASNs wishing to organise one of these events in collaboration with the FIA are welcome and encouraged to contact the FIA Rally Star team!

How can we find out more?

ASN delegates can join the FIA Rally Star community on the FIA Networks portal, and download all the Guidelines and documents needed to participate in this global driver talent detection programme. Visit or write to


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